…70 is the new 70!

The Silent Generation, 1929-1945, and Baby Boomers right after us, came of age with labels: homemaker/housewife, career woman, feminist, anti-feminist.  We raised, cared for and taught hippies, latchkey kids, a TV generation, and yuppies.  Now that we are in our 60s, 70s and 80s, we are the youngest older generation in history and are challenging every stereotype of what it means to grow older.


The label “senior citizen” is outmoded and worn; it just doesn’t fit.  And the idea that “70 is the new 50” is fun, but a bit unrealistic.  So I have a new description to consider:




Accomplished Women Exploring Self-actualizing Opportunities, Making a difference,



 Let’s take ownership of our reality: “70 is the new 70!”


AWESOMEover60 is about being committed to maintaining our individuality while discovering the footprint we leave as a generation, and exploring our vitality and spirituality well into advanced years.  But AWESOMEover60 is just as much about a lesson in reality and responsibility, about using our time wisely and leaving a well-minded store behind.  My observation is that we emphasize our quest to be healthy and happy but tend to put off the more sobering job of planning for end of life.  Today, I’d like to address this.


It is both surprising and alarming that many women over 60 are not educated about the serious issues of power of attorney, health proxy, advanced directives, wills and trusts, long term care, Medicare and Medicaid.  And – – especially if you are the parent of an adult with a disability – guardianship.  Critical matters such as these are often faced in a crisis. Learning about all of this now, reviewing outdated documents, asking the questions, making decisions with clarity, and acting to have your finances and final wishes in order is essential to living the coming years with peace of mind.


You may want to research the internet for factual information from quality sources. Friends and associates are usually willing to share their experiences.  Be prepared to be your own advocate and select counsel that fits your needs.  No matter your marital and/or your financial status, take charge of your life and understand the future implications of the documents which you sign today.  If you changed residency, be mindful of the laws of your new state or country.


Sure, some may feel that 70 is the new 50, but that won’t buy an extra twenty years.  We can rest more easily, live out our spirit more fully, choose from a kaleidoscope of adventures more wisely, explore new possibilities for daily life more deeply when we’ve done the right thing first.  Assure your legacy now.


Our reality is this: “70 is the new 70.”

Joan M. Wright, Founder



3 comments on “…70 is the new 70!
  1. Carolyn says:

    Some interesting, useful &informative points made. My hat is off to you, Joan

  2. Susan says:

    You bring up many issues people know about but probably do not understand fully. Interesting and well written.

  3. Rona Shaw says:

    You are on target about the need for women to understand in depth the topics you mention. Surface knowledge is not sufficient when decision making faces one. I imagine there are many, many women out ‘there’ who, like myself, would benefit from information on these topics. It’s pro-active to raise the issue- you’ve articulated it well!

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