New Jersey, Florida, around the nation, and around the world!

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AWESOMEover60 embraces women of all ages!


You Are an AWESOME Woman!

reflecting on the past, living in the moment, creating the future


A forum for the Silent Generation, 1929 – 1945, and Baby Boomers, 1946 – 1964, designing this new time of life, continuing to create our path, connecting to ourselves and with each other, speaking out and telling our stories.


AWESOMEover60 is discovery:

learning more about ourselves and having others learn about us.


AWESOMEover60 is all about you:

a program, a roundtable, a seminar, a conference, a book, a website, a blog, a retreat, a conversation, a story-telling, a connection, an adventure.



We are the “youngest older generation in history,”

defining our legacy and designing the years ahead  free of the expectations of others.



We are AWESOMEover60!  You are AWESOMEover60!           

Accomplished Women Exploring Self-actualizing Opportunities, Making a difference, Evolving