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Leap Year 2016

Today, February 29, gives us an additional day in calendar year 2016.  This can be explained astrologically and scientifically, but simply put, every four years a day is

added to our 365-day a year calendar to adjust for the problem caused by the solar year which is 365.24219 days.  So here it is!  The extra time we all yearn for!


Perhaps for today, or for part of the day, we can take a detour from routine.

For example, here’s something to consider regarding the overload of information concerning world affairs and presidential politics:

no TV, no radio, no “experts” forming the opinions which stick in one’s head.

Take stock of what you know from credible sources and create your own “belief system” built on faith, not fear.


AWESOMEover60 gives voice to the Silent Generation, 1929-1945, and invites Baby Boomers, 1946-1964, to join us in defining who we are.  Part of who we are, I know,

are women who, individually and collectively, abhor the horrendous behavior of some candidates for public office.


Our AWESOMEover60 friend, Jeannine Frisby LaRue, states in today’s Facebook post:

“If we as a people in the United State are to exist, it will only be done through a sense of civility and cooperation toward a common good.”


Maybe today, we can spend the extra time given to us by the sun to spend some quiet time, taking deep breaths, moving into a freer space.  Each of us is a catalyst for

change by the way we think, act, and speak.  To be informed, start by keeping copies of the  Constitution of the United States in your bag and on your kitchen table and

pass them on to others.  The League of Women Voters may be a good source to get copies.  Another step is to be mindful of the way we speak to and of others.  And to be

aware, also, of the way we influence family members in our own home, especially about our democracy, our government, and those who choose to run for and to hold

public office.


The change we seek is in each of us.  The stakes couldn’t be higher.

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