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Joan Wright

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Joan M. Wright



I’ve been thinking for a long while about our generation: our individual and collective accomplishments – and I get a little crazed as we’ve been largely ignored, undervalued, and already defined by some as elderly.



Acting on my intuition and doing a bit of research, I now know that we have a name:  born between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers, we are the Silent Generation.



Today, we have an opportunity to define ourselves and to tell our stories.  What once was a predictable pattern for women has evolved into a kaleidoscope of choice – and we were the catalysts.



We drew our own roadmaps as we went along and are now poised to determine our pathways for the next stage of our lives.  We owe it to ourselves not to leave it to others to interpret who we are.



Baby Boomers, some of whom are already 70 years of age, are on this journey with us.  Together we have participated in many of the greatest social changes in our country’s history.



We will use our own voice in the telling of where we have been, where we are, and how we intend to celebrate this new time of life.



What doors were closed to us?  Which doors did we open?  How did you feel going through them?



Where will our adventure lead us now?



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