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Faith or Fear…

Faith or Fear?  I am always conflicted.  Especially today: preparing for Christmas on the one hand and drawn to the horror of San Bernardino and Paris on the other.  My head and my heart flip around like a fish out of water, and I have to put positive self-talk into over-drive.  Are you feeling this way, too?


There is never a question about where my good friend Mayor Rose Heck stands. She has pulled me out of this kind of morass more than once, and I try to remember her words because listening now to commentators and candidates makes me fear for my family, friends, nation – and our world.  Is this really WW3?


There are many wonderful, marked-up books filling shelves in my New Jersey apartment to which I would turn for inspiration; but I’m at home in Florida now and the books have not yet been moved.  So I’m seeking good stuff on the web and decided to register for Deepak Chopra’s webinar this Wednesday, December 9, 2015: “Sacred Momentum: The Divine Method of Creating Your Best Year Yet.”  The link to the site is below.


The promo states that “….you’ll discover what it’s like to be supported and carried by divine forces and how to use that connection to navigate your way through the coming year with certainty and ease.”  I’m up for that.  A focus on what is good is the only way to overcome this creeping anxiety.


Taking this a step further, it is essential that each of us, women over 60, remain stable and calm in order to encourage others, especially our children, grandchildren, and all young people, to be aware, to act responsibly in word and deed, and to not get drawn into the hype.


Trusting in the divine a la Deepak may be a very good thing, but trusting our own deepest instincts and beliefs isn’t a bad approach either.  I’m trying to get there.  You, too?


Here is the link to learn about Deepak’s free webinar offered on Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  There are three times from which to choose.   Be mindful to adjust the time which is stated PST.


Joan M. Wright, Founder

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