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Super Soul Sunday

Consider starting your week by watching Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sunday” on the OWN Channel.


This Sunday evening, October 25, Oprah’s guest will be Gloria Steinem.  Whether or not you define yourself as a feminist, whether or not you are drawn to Gloria Steinem – or, for that matter, to Oprah — this program presents and opportunity to learn more about them, and, in so doing to learn more about ourselves as well.


These two women fit perfectly the demographic of AWESOMEover60.


Accomplished Women Exploring Self-actualizing Opportunities, Making a difference, Ever-Evolving


Gloria, born in 1934, is 81 years of age.  She is part of the Silent Generation, 1929-1945; those of us expected to be wives and mothers, teachers, nurses, and secretaries. Gloria Steinem is one of the leaders of the modern women’s movement who continues to give voice to the Silent Generation: the youngest older generation in history.


Oprah, born in 1954, age 61, a Baby Boomer, 1946-1964, is emblematic of the generation which ran with the baton, opening more doors and crashing more ceilings, making it even more possible for a girl to be anything she wants to be.



It is our responsibility to educate younger generations about the impact that the changes which have occurred in the last 50 years have had on our lives and, especially, on theirs.  The evolution is not over.


This week’s pronouncement by Congressman Paul Ryan that a condition of his accepting the nomination to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives is spending weekends with his family has opened the door: inclusion of men into the debate as never before.



Please forward this message to your personal and professional networks, 
encourage women and men — of all ages — to watch “Super Soul Sunday”
or to view it and previous programs in the archives online.


Thank you for your friendship and support.


Best wishes to all for a lovely weekend,


Joan M. Wright
Founder, AWESOMEover60©


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